RADAR Observer

Hey all, I am thinking about taking my RADAR Observer at Sea School in St. Pete, need to add it on to my 100tn. Any one know how long the class is or have taken the class there? Searched the Forum didn’t really find any info. Thanks.

It’s usually a 5 day class.
I have taken several classes at the other school in St. Pete and been very happy there.

5 days. I took my radar class with them easy class.

Go to the school across the street. Much better equipment.

Thanks. I have been happy with Sea School except for one incident on my 6pack. Told me I failed rules of the road for the 3rd time and told me I had to wait a year to redo it. I was freaking devastated then two hours later they called to tell me I had passed with a 92% and that they had used the wrong answer key. Ugh. Since then I have taken, 100tn, AB with Lifeboat and BST there. Good experiences so far, Steve Walsingham and Mike Rigby are good instructors. Took RFPNW at Maritime Professional Training in Ft. Lauderdale.

What’s the name of the other school. Might just have to check them out if the schedule works out. These 28/14 rotations are great but 14 days goes by quickly and gives me a tight schedule to squeeze in class. Trying to get my 200 tn and TOAR ASAP

The other school is Quality Maritime Training on 4th Street North.

Thanks I will definitely check them out tomorrow. I have a two more weeks left on my hitch so I have some free time.

In my opinion QMT sucks!! Took AB there. Did not like George or the way he runs things. I will never use that school again for any reason.

Man, you are crazy. I spent some a lot of time at Quality a few years ago as can’t thank him enough. Went through several classes, including the prep course. Everyone can be hard to deal with at times, but I certainly owe him for the ticket I hold today.

Steve at Sea School (across the street) is a great instructor as well.

Sea School is a great place. Having worked with them several times over the years I am always left happy. You will have a great Radar Class.

Thanks all for the info… It worked out that I am taking the class at Sea School. My rotation schedule just didn’t work out with Quality … Plus I know Steve the instructor is a great guy at Sea School had for my BST all is good!

There is no such thing as a " great Radar Class"