Offshore wind news

Are you ready for the boom time:

Offshore wind is BIIIG business, with some BIIIG contracts on offer:

Shearing the spoils between several contractors with the right equipment, knowhow and skilled personnel:

The problem with disposal of wind turbine blades have been mentioned on this forum before.
Here is one way of reusing rather than disposing of at least some parts of the blades:

Source: Martijn Lopes Cardozo on LinkedIn: #reuse #waste #sustainability | 660 comments

The big boys find more work in the offshore wind market:

A troubled S.Korean shipyard gets a new lease of life:

What have to be done to avoid breaking any US rules:

The “GPO GRACE” and the “ORION”at Halifax. The GPO GRACE is carrying piles and transition pieces which are being loaded out to the “ORION”. It is understood that these piles and transition pieces will be installed offshore for the Vineyard Wind 1 project off Martha’s Vineyard, USA.
Photos: John Attersley, Quay Marine Associates Inc.

Here, Orion’s crane looks much better than it did exactly 3 years ago >>>

Floating wind turbin technology is in rapid development:

Why “road transportable” when the assembly of the Tugdock and the windmills will be done at a place with ship/barge access?

Big trouble in Little China?:

Heading home soon?:

The BRAVE TERN loading Wind Turbines in Taichung, Taiwan for Formosa 2 OWF
Photo: Alex du Bois.(c