Orion 1 - Crane Failure - Rostock, Germany

Crane failure during a load test on Deme’s new vessel Orion 1. It happened on Saturday Morning in Rostock Germany. Reportedly four people injured and nobody killed.


where were the blocks? looks like something fetches up from between the very bottom of the twin boom legs at the end.

edit - yeah now i see that was them.

Wow that thing went over backwards. Didn’t see it at first. No hard boom stop? No boom limits? Boom winches must have kept hoisting until there was nothing holding it then over backwards and folded upon the A-frame. Looks like the blocks clipped the operators cab too. What a mess.

Did the hook break? I see blocks and what might be part of a swivel.

Possible. The black swivel looks hookless from certain angles in the second video. Not seeing much on the barge deck. The barge (test weight?) is bobbing up and down in the first video maybe it did “drop”.

The accident was during lifting tests.

A loaded barge is alongside Orion under the crane, probably the test weight. In the first video, she is strongly moving up and down.
Five injured in the crane cabin.

Tech infos about the Liebherr crane (the first of this kind):

The vessel Orion (still propriety of the yard COSCO as Orion1):

Just a spit ball, looks like the failure is due to backward stability issues that comes with light loads and high boom angles. Similar to this one.

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Some more details.

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It will be interesting to find out how the metallurgy tests on the failed part compares to what the certificates say.

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Was thinking along that line.

Me too. I have had some bad experiences with Chinese steel. Formula OK but treatment wrong, vise versa and both.

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Was it Chinese steel? The crane was built in Rostock DE.


Chinese steel?

I don’t know and didn’t mean to imply it was. Just that I have seen some catastrophic failures due to poor steel, most of which was from China

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Pretty expensive test jig.

Looks like the hook has pulled away from the block assembly at the joint, thus not metal failure of the hook itself.


Yes indeed:

Plus a couple of years lost earnings