Tidal Power

Not always available but it is predictable and reliable:

Bay of Fundy is the ideal place to harnessing tidal power:

“…first time ever…” They seem to have missed the Annapolis Royal Generating Station, which has been online for quite some time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make enough power to be truly useful, but it is operational. We got a tour of it a few years ago.

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The largest Tidal Power Stations in the world;

As for the ‘first’ or the ‘biggest’ tidal power station >>>

Since 1966, the ‘Rance River Power Station, at the Channel Coast of Brittany (France), is still working; capacity 240 MW, annual production 500 GWh.
Pushed and inaugurated by President Charles de Gaulle; for now still the second best purely tidal power station at work, after the 2011 inaugurated thing in South Korea…

good potential sure but I’m pretty leary about stuff sitting in salt water very long … maybe I have some prejudice from working on ships??

Scotland has been experimenting and using tidal power generation for several years so they are ahead of the pack in developing this technology. Salt water corrosion does not appear to be an insurmountable issue.

Harnessing The Tidal Power Off the Shore of Scotland.