Offshore wind news

Shallow Seismic Survey carried out for Offshore Wind Farm construction is BAD:

Source: Dolphin Deaths Spur Calls for Wind Power Halt in New Jersey

Deep Seismic Survey carried out for offshore Oil & Gas exploration on the other hand, no problem:

Source: Republican politicians plan to open up Arctic and Atlantic waters to drilling by using budgetary tactic - Splash247

Whale and Dolphin stranding may be for many different reasons, one of them may be stress from noises caused by Seismic Survey, or Naval exercise activity. In many cases it is because of sickness and/or old age:

Here is how area survey for Offshore Wind Farm construction is carried out:

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Another major shipping company invest in offshore wind:

Eneti is owner of Seajackwith 5 WTIVs in operation and two on order.

PS> They are already involved with BW Group’s Cadeler:

The Danes are busy all over the world:

New Floating Wind Turbine foundation concept:

See video incl. in article.

Big contracts issued for North Sea wind farms:

Even bigger:

Photo Source: Dogger Bank Wind Farm

Im all for renewable energy. I did however read an article recently stating that offshore energy generation is a security risk… I guess with this war in ukraine and with all the geopolitical tension, especially US/China, some may rethink their domestic energy needs. Wind is great for shipping, however I strongly believe in solar as well. That said, they need a solution for battery storage. Im quite confident by 2030, the landscape will be totally different and renewable will be hands down the best option out there.

While I could see that being the case, reliance on oil is an even bigger security risk.

There is already a solution; use surplus wind power (on windy days) and solar power(on sunny days), or hydro power when consumption is low, to produce “green hydrogen”.
The hydrogen can be transported to where it is needed by hydrogen powered trucks, trains, or ships.

Hydrogen fuel cells can be used to produce electricity when there is no wind, or on cloudy days.
It can also be a solution to power small remote settlements in the Arctic where there are no daylight for months. (I.e. Longyearbyen in Svalbard etc.)

PS>Small MSR Nuclear power can also be used to produce electricity and/or “green hydrogen” near where it is needed. (Short transmission lines = less power loss)

Australia’s first Offshore Wind project gets under way:

The vessel to be used is Fugro’s Mariner (ex Carlisle, ex Sanko Angel):

Legislation known as the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) also contains multiple provisions related to offshore wind, including a 10% tax credit for the domestic production of offshore wind vessels. However, Intelatus said “that the implementation is still being considered, and doubts remain about whether shipowners will see lower vessel pricing as a result of these tax incentives.”