Offshore Wind Farm vessels

NOT meant for offshore deployment.
Like the Zebra it begs the question; “is it white with black stripes, or black with white stripes”?:

EMSTUG and GRUNO 3 with SANS VITESSE of Chevalier Floatels underway to Emden.
Photo: Hendrik Toxopeus o/b Sebastiano Caboto(c)

Foundation Installation Vessel with SWL 8000 tonnes crane should cover the need for the largest and deepest bottom fast wind turbines in the foreseeable future:

PS> Not specifically designed for the US market, but I’m sure Ulstein would be able to make the modifications required to build in the US and operate under US flag.

More on the Windkeeper design:

New CTV design ready for the US market:

More details:

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Any talented forum members interested?:

Lots of air in this deck cargo:

The UHL FREEDOM arriving from Tuticorin (India) heading for Moerdijk (The Netherlands)
Photo: Jan van der Klooster ©

Installation of W2W tower at “Rem Power” on Tuesday this week:

Photos: VARD via NSF

Will any large AHTs be built specifically for the US floating wind market?

Second of six CSOVs delivered to Edda Wind:

Good news for shipyards and Offshore Marine Cos.:

PS> And for mariners who will be needed to crew all those new “state of the art” vessels to come.

So Fincantieri to build a HAV designed, not a VARD designed, SOV?

Maybe because Esvagt already have good experience with the HAV SOV designs?
All their SOVs so far are of Havyard design, as will be their new SOV for Ørsted UK:

“Norside Cetus” into Montrose today

Both photo: Dave Dodds via NSF