Offshore Wind Farm vessels

The Skywalker Class CSOVs are designed by Kongsberg Marine:

The CSOVs ordered in India by Pelagic Wind will be built to Kongsberg design:

Ahead or astern makes no difference:

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With the development of Floating Wind Turbines follows special installation and support vessels:

Vard Electro has signed a contract with Ulstein Shipyard for the delivery of its SeaQ Communication system onboard two construction service operation vessels (CSOVs). The end customer is Olympic with planned delivery in the first half of 2024:

Olympic’s future CSOV fleet:

More details:

The design is VARD 4-25:

Source: VARD has signed contracts for four Commissioning Service Operation Vessels (CSOVs) for Edda Wind. - VARD

The Damen Shipyards group built CSOV BIBY WAVEMASTER 1 stand by on DP at the Texelstroom near Oudeschild (Texel)
Photo: Willem Wilstra – Drachten (c)

Prysmian Group’s Cable layer Leonardo DA VINCI berthed at the port of Tyne, UK.
Photo: Capt Alex (c)

HLV BIGROLL BEAUFORT navigating the Dutch coastal waters.
Photo: Flying Focus Aerial Photography ©

Next generation service vessel for both OWF and O&G markets:

Could these vessels be built at a shipyard near you?
Why not, Ulstein designed vessels have been built at yards all over the world before and will be again.

Does anyone know how Dominion Energy and Blue Ocean Marine plan on crewing the Charybdis, the new Jones Act Offshore Wind Installation Vessel? Im asking more for the ship crew side and not technicians and industrial personnel. Though im curious on them as well, because majority of the experience comes from overseas. Will these USA mariner jobs be union or direct hire?

Due for delivery in 2024.

She will have a new type of motion compensated gangway and logistics support systems from Ulmatec:

If can ships have leg then why can’t pigs fly?:

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I think that Bibby are the only UK owned SOV operator.

North Star claim to be a UK company but are owned by a Swiss company called Partners Group.

Although thought of a Danish a couple of years ago Esvagt were bought by a UK based company called 3i so might be classed as UK owned, but the ownership of 3i is a bit opaque.

CSOV “Edda Brint” arrived Montrose last week Thursday:

Both photos: Dave Dodds via NSF

IIRC, that’s who Crowley partnered with to build their SOVs. All press releases called them a Danish company.