Offshore Wind Farm vessels

Esvagt is a privately owned Danish company, but with a UK company as the majority Owner:

Majority Ownership of 3i (III) is by “Institutions”:
What Is The Ownership Structure Like For 3i Group plc (LON:III)? (

“Edda Savanah” in Aberdeen South Harbour last Friday:

Photos George Saunders


So they’re a British company the operates in Denmark? A Danish subsidiary of a British company? It just seems disingenuous to call them a “Danish company” with the caveat that they aren’t owned by Danes.

Does anyone know the designed gross tonnage of this vessel?

I’m guessing that since it’s only 262 ft it’s going to be like 2,998 GT so they don’t need unlimited licenses.

@jdcavo can wind farm vessels be inspected as OSVs or is there something in the rules about needing to specifically support offshore oil to be an OSV?

See the relevant definition in 46 CFR 125.160.

Esvagt is a DANISH private company with it’s corporate Hq and operational offices in Denmark manned by mostly Danish management. That a British finance house is majority Owner doesn’t make it British.
At least not any more than an American companies with corporate Hq in Switzerland, but listed at NYSE and operated from Houston, becomes a Swiss company. (Although it is sometime reported as such)

PS> Esvagt register their vessels under Danish flag:
Fleet list - ESVAGT

The ACTA AURIGA operating at the HoLlandse Kust Noord wind farm.
Photo Flying Focus Aerial Photography ©

Newbuilt CSOV Rem Power is out on sea trials today:

Photo: Johannes Alme, via NSF

Issued 14.Febr. 2023:

Charter contract with ASSO Subsea for our newbuild CSOV Rem Power.​

Rem Offshore/Rem Purus are delighted to announce charter contract with options, for ASSO Subsea for our newbuild CSOV Rem Power.
The vessel will support the construction phase of Wind Farms, providing welfare and transfer services to personnel. “It has been a great pleasure to work in close cooperation with ASSO Subsea and be able to sign a contract with start-up from delivery of the Rem Power in May”, says Ronny Pål Kvalsvik, Chief Commercial Officer in Rem.

“We are very excited to be working with Rem Offshore on this charter, utilizing this exceptional vessel straight out of the shipyard, and offering high-quality services to our clients together”, says Ioannis Togias, Marine Director in Asso Subsea.
Source: Rem Offshore ASA

More CSOV orders for VARD:

From today:

More CSOV contracts for VARD:

Hightech, large capacity Cable Layers are in great demand at the moment:

Everybody wants a piece of the OWF cake:


The first 6x jackets for the Neart na Gaoithe windfarm project in Scotland are loaded on the barge AMT-CHALLENGER (front) and the barge AMT-CRUSADER (background). Loading the jackets was done by rolling-on in the Sløvågen area in the Fensfjord (Norway)
Photo: Magnus Sørensen (c)

Ulmatec has secured 3rd contract for the supply of 32-meter motion compensated gangway and logistics support systems for the US-built Jones Act service operation vessels:

Other Norwegian Marine equipment manufacturers are also getting orders from US yard building SOVs for the US market:

The CSOV newbuilding market is hotting up:

Busy days for VARD with two SOVs christened in the same week:

SOV “Grampian Tyne” was christened at Equinor’s Port of Tyne base in northeast England.
From left: Keith Sutherland in North Star, Olly Cass in SSE Renewables, Matthew Gordon in North Star, Runar Vågnes in VARD, Kamala Hajiyeva in Equinor and William Ritchie in North Star. PHOTO: MEGAN GEDDIS

Yesterday the CSOV Norwind Gale was christened in Ålesund:

Photo: Trine Klemetsen,

Today; Norwind Gale leaving for her first assignment off Denmark:

Photos: Sven Arild Pedersen via NSF

The 2022 delivered EDDA BRINT operating @ Seagreen Offshore Wind Farm.
Photo: 2/0 DPO Martin Ticatic ©

PS> Why are most pictures from OWF taken on calm days?