Offshore Wind Farm vessels

The photographer is inclined to be seasick?

From yesterday;

The contract for the construction of two new ships for Bernhard Schulte Offshore was celebrated with cake in the canteen at Ulstein on Thursday.

image It doesnt say in the article, but the vessel will probably be bult by the Turkish Cemre shipyard and of the same design as the first:

Everybody wants a piece of the cake:

DEME helped design the vessel, 17-year long contract, Why sell??

A varied fleet of Boskalis vessels are engagen in OWF work offshore Taiwan:

Boskalis was in charge of installing the units at the offshore construction site, located some 15 kilometres off the coast of Changhua County. The company deployed its BOKALIFT 1 and BOKALIFT 2 crane vessels for this mission. The ships were supported by vessels BOKA ATLANTIC and BOKA TIAMAT which provided essential supporting activities. BOKALIFT 1 was assisted by Boskalis’ heavy transport vessel MIGHTY SERVANT 3, which transported a number of jackets from the Port of Taipei to the offshore wind farms.

Just a scratch

I am hearing about more US Flag former OSVs appearing in New England Offshore Wind.

What are they paying mariners?

Competitively with the industry it seems. I want to say that 32 points manning had an ad out with wages looking to crew up windfarm boats.

They sent that listing to me. Captains $900, but as I recall it required DP. Marcus was selling it as lower paying, but more bust and boom proof than offshore oil.

With companies like Foss, and others setting up terminals, and companies like Guice opening offices in the Northeast, it sounds like there is actually some business for American companies and possibly some jobs for American mariners.

I did know a guy that was fairly early into US offshore wind and sent to Scotland for training. He tried it a couple years, but finally went back to OSVs in the Gulf because offshore wind wouldn’t pay.

What is Guice paying?



And they new recently formed companies ?

How many people are they actually employing?

All good questions. I would expect guice to be paying good ‘100 ton’ money.

Doesn’t mcallister only have a crewboat doing windfarm support? Or are there tugs too?

I’ve heard thru the grapevine that northstar is paying competitively.

Chouest as far as i know only has one boat doing windfarm support off and on and that boat is on the higher end of the pay scale. They are building vessels for windfarm support too.

She ain’t no beauty:


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I actually thought the new bow design looked cool. You don’t like?

Beauty (or “Cool”) is in the eye of the beholder, I think

The same can be said about this “Daughter Craft”:

Here is another variety:
Still no beauty though

Launching the daughter craft:

That blue ECO one does look ugly. I like the yellow boat though. Now of course for beauty, you’ll never reach the grace that a 1930s launch, pilot boat, or tug(the only vessels I can think that would do comparable work).

Mini-SOV with daughter craft:

Pathetic. This looks like an old makeshift POS to me. If I owned it, I’d be trying to keep it quiet, not seeking publicity. The Dutch are shaking their heads, everybody else is laughing.

However, it will probably be a money maker since they have very little invested in it.

I like this daughter craft. It looks practical for good wx. However, I have doubts about the launching method with no bow painter or stern line. I wonder about the stresses on the boat and the crane when it’s not flat calm.

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