Offshore Heavy Lifting

Flying Focus Aerial Photography was commissioned to fly to the HKZ project for aerial photography, but they could not make the ordered photos because of low clouds. They only spotted the enormous Huisman crane of the PIONEERING SPIRIT just above the clouds. The vessel arrived in the field for installing the HKZ Beta topside.
Photo: Flying Focus Aerial Photography ©

Inshore heavy lifting:

Asian Hercules III with her longest jib installed transporting, lifting and positioning the flare tower on FPSO Liza Unity at Keppel Shipyard in Singapore.

A.H.III without jib:

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Crane test gone wrong.
Saipem 7000 did a crane test lift in Åmøyfjorden near Stavanger when the lifting wire broke:

Counter ballasting caused the S7000 to trim and list, but was quickly brought back on even keel. No damages or injuries, but a slight sheen on the water from oil leaking from the capsized barge. (abt 2000 Ltrs. onboard)

PS> That is why you do tests in controlled conditions.

From Norsk Skipsfarts Forum today:

Press Release from Saipem;

Short, sweet and to the point. No speculation or “sensationalization”

Saipem 7000 'suffers lifting accident off Norway
Vessel reported to be listing by the HRS Sor-Norge search and rescue centre at Stavanger
A lifting accident has occurred on the semisubmersible crane vessel SAIPEM 7000 off the coast of Norway resulting in the ship listing, according to social media reports from the HRS Sor-Norge search and rescue centre at Stavanger. HRS Sor-Norge said the incident took place in Amoyfjorden with the vessel having “tilted in connection with a lifting operation”.No one has been injured but barges next to the crane vessel had suffered damage and capsized, the report said.Norway’s South West Police said in a social media post that the situation is currently stable and they are in the process of establishing a reception centre for evacuees in Dusavika. About 275 people are on board, the police added, confirming no one had been injured. Saipem had not responded for a request for comment at press time:

Looks like a Crawler Crane on deck has suffered a boom failure;
Don’t know how that has come about.

Source: Maasmond Newsclippings

PS> I assume that the “big rig operator” had to change his underwear after this one. :innocent:

Heerema operated crane vessel THIALF(ex McDermott DB 102) and the anchor handler tug KOLGA working at the Kinsale field outside Ireland.
Photo: Sten William - Chief Engineer (c)


A different kind of lifting barge.
The famous “Octopus” barge Zourite now in Rotterdam:

It is an impressive vessel to see. Measuring 107 meter in length and 44 meter width which is equivalent to a football pitch.With this vessel the sections of the road off Grande Chaloupe in La Reunion were laid down. Then, ZOURITE picked up the upper sections of the pier, consisting of the top and the giant voussoir. With a staggering lifting power of 4800T (4x1200T) of the gantry crane the 4000T heavy concrete blocks were no problem. After this special project the special vessel is looking for a new owner and is temporarily stacked for maintenance and potential viewings in the port of Rotterdam.



Sleipnir’s lifting capacity is not the only feature that makes the vessel’s cranes special, as their height is also unique. When the crane booms are fully up, the height of the crane from the main deck is 172.5 meters! To remove TAQA Group’s Brae Alpha West Drilling Rig, Heerema Marine Contractors utilized Sleipnir’s crane height for lifting the 78-meter-tall drilling rig in one piece! This method was especially valuable as it reduced hookdown time for our client on the live Brae Alpha platform.
Photo: Heerema

Sleipnir breaks offshore lifting record (again):

PS> 33 years ago (1989) I was Towmaster for Micoperi when their crane vessel Micoperi 7000 set the inshore record when lifting the Veslefrikk jacket (10200 m.t.) from a barge and launched it into the water while at anchor in Signesjøen in May:

The offshore record was set when lifting and positioning the Gyda jacket (8500 m.t.) on the North Sea on Sept. the same year:
Gyda 3 (3) (390x492)

Gyda 4 (3)

A bit smaller crane barge, mainly engaged in inshore operations:

Seen here a few days ago while WOW alongside a wharf in Ålesund. Photo; Staale Wattø,

This one gets some interesting jobs all along the coast of Norway and beyond.

Here is her latest job at Senja, Northern Norway:

Photo gallery from US Air Force:

From Norwegian Air Force

Inshore lifting, but for an offshore application:

Heavy Lift operations 24/7 at Qingdao China. Lifting 2055 ton with 4 hooks and Align to 45.3° to install the State of the Art Reel Lay Tower onboard the new built OSV ZHEN DA HAO using the 5000 ton Sheerleg crane barge XIN ZHEN FU 7

Photos: Ger Maijntz OCM Offshore Maritime Consultancy Baku Azerbaijan, Heavy Lift Rep. Qingdao China.

The JSD 6000 conducted lifting tests in China:


Source: JSD 6000 - Ulstein

The HWA transformer platform topsides being installed by the THIALF on Hollandse Kust OWF in Dutch waters.
Photos: Flying Focus Aerial Photography ©

Source: Thialf successfully installs topside Hollandse Kust (west Alpha) offshore platform – Heavy Lift News