Two Solstad AHTS working offshore GoM

Two of Solstad’s AHTS are presently working in the GoM.
Normand Prosper:

Presently on location offshore. Her last port was Free Port, Bahamas, 10. July, 2022.

Normand Sapphire

Presently in Deer River.

Anybody know what project they are working on?

The Normand Prosper is just to the NE of Shells new FPU Vito, don’t see the other one, tugs are still positioning the Vito, my guess is that the Prosper will make the connections, Vito is located at MC-939

Thanks for info.

I see Jumbo is main contractor for towing and hookup. They don’t have their own AHTS so it make sense that the two Solstad vessels are there for that purpose. They are AHTSs with powerful winches and storage capacity for both chain and fiber ropes:

I believe Crowley was hired to perform the towage from Galveston to the field??

Two Crowley tugs and two Signet tugs, we are along side offloading and backloading cargo, will pump fuel after cargo ops. They are still on towline

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