Trying to get out of the Gulf

I’m looking to get out of the gulf and work inland or harbor tugs. Anyone know companies that work 7/7 or 14/14. I’m from the Pensacola area. I have a TOAR but not a lot of time on it. Thanks for any help.

Pretty sure most if not all of the ship assist companies in the gulf ports (g&h, moran, seabulk, crescent towing) are 7/7. I have heard signet does 28/14 or a 2 for 1 rotation. Mcallister and Moran on the east coast is 14/14 i have heard.
From what i have heard all the inland tugs doing barge work on the gulf coast do 20/10 or 14/7.

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Moran, Mcallister, Signet, Harbor Docking, G&H, Crescent are most of the ship assist boats I’ve seen on the East Coast. Most are either 7/7 or 14/14. Problem with 7/7 is you really wanna be close to one of these to make it worth it. Most companies doing ocean tows and/or dredge ops are not equal time. My company is probably an anomaly in that we do have equal time and based in VA. We do a lot of dredge stuff and some NYC. All the oil movers: Vane, Centerline, Reinauer etc are all equal time. Not familiar with inland schedules but they seem to be mostly 28/28. What do want to do work wise? My company is looking for Mates.

If a person wants to get out of the maritime oilfield industry nows the time to do it because of the apparent up market there. When mariners from other sectors go to the GoM for better pay, newer technology, larger licenses opportunities etc. it opens up non-oilfied spots. Even if it is at a lower day rate it might all equal out if you consider many of the oilfield positions will be laid off at a drop of a hat when the downward curve of the cycle comes back around again. I left the oilfield during a oil boom for a lower day rate 15+ years ago & have no regrets. It opened all types of doors throughout the rest of my career. The switch was easy because I wasn’t taking anyone’s job & they were happy to have me because of all the vacancies. Try switching industries the month that the GoM mailed out a few hundred pink slips & cut 5,000 people’s pay & you’re screwed.


I’ve been running as a DPO’s on a drill ship but I am a hawsepiper that came from tugs. I had gotten my TOAR then move back to the oil field so I don’t have a lot of experience on my TOAR. I’m really looking for whatever I just feel like it will feel good about to takeoff again and Sand Pebble is correct I think now is the time to jump

I would rather have the quality of life with my son abs wife

Some of the NY companies are hiring. Check in with Moran, Reinauer, Genesis and Vane, it may be as an AB but you never know

They just graduated well over a hundred third mates from KP and as many 3rd engineers. They will take a few spots, engineers more likely first. Have your prior work resume in good order, shouldn’t be a problem in the present market. Pay attention to the prior posts, those fellows have been around for a bit in many markets.

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Agree on above, now is a great time to make the leap. Shoot me a message if you want more info about my company.

Signet posted an ad on craigslist a couple years ago. Their criteria for working on their vessels stated no tobacco, no facial hair and no tattoos. That shouldn’t be a problem in the maritime industry, lol.

Eliminates about 90% of labor pool I’d imagine…

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That’s not longer true in regards to tattoos for sure and I think the facial hair is pretty lax based on the friends I have working there

Tommy had to cut his beard off and he has been there longer than anybody. That was their criteria on their post. Regardless it’s not a great place to work unless you like being treated like a child. They do have nice equipment though. Possibly better than some of the oilfield BS.

I do not know of anyone that has left one of Signet’s competitors, here locally, and gone to Signet. I do, however, know of quite a few people to leave Signet for their local competitor. They do have nice equipment, they do appear to be building the next generation of assist tug, but the stories I’ve heard about Barry, no thanks.