Tired of sending my emails to internet void

So after about five months of looking for work online and sending emails out, I have decided to go down to the gulf and knock on some doors. Right now I have 3rd mates unlimited and i’m just looking for anything right now to get my foot in the door for this industry. I will be in going to Houston, Galveston, Baton Rouge, And New Orleans was wondering if you guys had any advice for which companies to check out and if any which companies to avoid. And if I find any positions that are not the ones I’m applying for I’ll post them on the Employment forum.

If anybody replies Thank You

G&H Towing, docking tugs, on Pelican Island(Galveston) has a sign up looking for crew. Good luck

I worked at G&H back in the late 90’s and overall it was a good place to work. I think now they work 4 days on/off, so you need to be at least semi-local.

As a 3rd make sure to show up with your sextant and all plotting tools so that you can prove yourself.

Do you have a tankerman pic? OSG is always needing people.

Thanks for the heads up on G&H and I brought all my plotting gear with me. I do not have a tankerman PIC nor a TOAR but i’m willing to get them.