Father of six desperatley needs job

I am a family man living in houston texas , ive been unemployed for over a month and need work. I hold a 100 ton master-200 ton mate and a master of towing, Also have twic card and valid drivers licence. Travel is no problem , if theres anyone who can help i would be forever in your debt thanks!!

Signet Maritime and G & H Towing both Texas companies have “advertised” recently.

G&H is in contract negotiations. The always “advertise” at that time.

I wish you the best of luck getting a job in the maritime industry!
Time are tough everywhere nowadays!
I personnaly blame our war mongering presidents for our present situation!
Iraq and Afganistan’s war was has put us in this financial position!
if you are a high ranking US forces official, you will have job security!
if you are not, Then you have Welfare, WIC, & unemployment!


I’m not a fan of the war but you have to wonder what affect it will have on the economy when all those troops get layed off, MSC and others like them have nothing to do, and US companies making products for the war effort have their contracts canceled.
I blame the politicians who think no further than their next term for the situation we are in now.
Sorry for going OT