Going foreign flag AHTS, PSV, or Salvage Tug

Anybody with a 500-ton MOT have advice to find work in the North Sea, Africa, or Mediterranean?

I recently moved to Poland to be closer to my wife’s family but still working in the GOM on a AHTS. The company isn’t going to pay for my international flights so I’d like to find something closer. The wife isn’t going to let me work more than 6 week rotations and must be equal time. Any recommendations will help.


I had 2 or 3 smart assed remarks all lined-up, then I realized you might actually be serious…So I’ll just offer, Good Luck and suggest you take a look at this: http://www.tradewindstowing.com/Employment.html

I mention Tradewinds because they are hiring now and in this post: http://gcaptain.com/forum/maritime-employment/8304-tradewinds-towing-ab.html it was mentioned that they do even-time 28/28 and do lots of interesting foreign going jobs.

I think he’s looking for something on the other side of the pond…Europe…Med…etc.

try mermaid marine

Look at rigzone, they always seems to be somebody looking for someone to run an AHTS in Africa. Might help if you can bump it up to 1600 tons though.

I know that Tidewater hires a lot of Polish and other eastern Europeans (Romaina comes to mind) on their vessels working in Africa; but I would imagine that the wages are appropriate for those nationalities. . . .

I believe GulfMark Offshore is looking for officers in the North Sea. Some of their vessels are Panama flag. GulfMark Offshore is the North Sea / Africa / Asia parent of GulfMark Americas…

I believe GulfMark Offshore (parent company of GulfMark Americas) is hiring for the North Sea. Some of their vessels are Panama flag, meaning you wouldn’t need a UK COEC. Check the web site…

I would try Tidewater, GulfMark, Bourbon, Maersk. Keep it in mind that if you get hired by foreign company your daily rate will most likely decrease, therefore I would suggest to get hired by American company and get send overseas; again Tidewater or GulfMark comes to mind.

Thank you very much for the advice, GulfMark is looking good.

You can also try SeaTrucks Group, Nigeria. They are always hiring. They have projects in Nigeria, Angola, and at the moment also in Ghana. Plenty of anchor handling work. Day rates are ok. I worked for them for nearly 4 years, and enjoyed it I must say.

I am amazed you all think the pay overseas is less.
99% of guys working overseas do it tax free as well
Even ozzies that pay tax ( when working from Australian shores) earn more
EU nationals working in Europe earn more