Looking to get on with a good OSV company

Ave already applied with ECO, TDW, and Harvey. Any others that may be a good start? Ive been on tugs my whole career and am looking for a change in career path. Have an AB untd. ticket with all the “bells n whistles” required for the position. I’m probably one of a limitless amount of similarly qualified guys attempting to do the same damn thing but, hey, I’ll try anything I can.

Hornbeck Offshore, Otto Candies, GOL, and Gulfmart.

Thank you, I’ve got an active one w/ HOS but will try the others as well.

You need to drive down there & pay them a visit.

[QUOTE=PR-9;83319]Hornbeck Offshore, Otto Candies, GOL, and Gulfmart.[/QUOTE]

What’s GOL short for?

Gulf Offshore Logistics. Not to be confused with Gulf Logistics.

Yea, I want to do that next time I’m off. I’m working a 60 day hitch so I can time time off to go to school do my license. Driving from TX to FL so I may stop in the Boot to show my face if the timing allows for it.