Tankerman opportunities

Aloha gentlemen,

Im just inquiring is any waves have been made as to tankerman jobs popping up. I have inquired with Foss, Ksea ( Kirby) and Olympic. I currently am working for Crowley on the shell project but it is coming to an end.

Im not really aware of all the east coast companies. I emailed my resume to Penn and Moran. Are there others? My experience is only on the west coast and Alaska.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.


West coast is usually locked up by the Union. Why haven’t you checked there first?

What do you mean that “the SHELL project . . . is coming to an end”? I assume that you mean Shell’s drilling program in the Arctic? Have they decided to pull the plug on drilling for this season?

Try Bouchard or Vane brothers

I’m not sure what companies use tankerman in the gulf maybe someone can share that info also

When’s the shell project ending? they asked me to go up there later this month and work in the Beaufort sea?

Which Division of Crowley are you in? What SHELL project are you talking about?

Vane Brothers doesn’t pay great compared to many others. Can’t speak for Bouchard, but there’s enough people I hear leave that outfit. Moran, I believe, has 5 petro ATBs & one break bulk ATB. Moran has an office on Staten Is, like GOM work, if really interested in that it may be a good idea to just hit them up in person, make a vacation out of the NE area. I believe there’s a tankermans opening in Crowleys ATB fleet, give Scott Craig a call, you’re already a shoe in if with Crowley.

[QUOTE=Jbird;78484]Try Bouchard or Vane brothers[/QUOTE]

If you’re desperate, Bouchard is ALWAYS looking for everyone… But that should say something about it!

Vane Brothers, Big changes here. Moving equipment around.

Try Reinauer Transportation co. They have a couple of new units coming out. The office is on Staten Island.

Thanks for the info. And to clarify I mean shell project ending in the coming months due to weather and ice. As in the project is seasonal.