Tankerman / A.B. pay

Does anyone know what the coast-wise tug companies are paying A.B. tankermen these days? I am talking about outfits like:

Bouchard, Reinauer, Vane Brothers, Crowley etc.

Bouchard is looking for people, call them and ask what they pay

The pay should be north of $430/day. Penn probably pays the highest. Their southern fleet is SIU…and they are totally a tankerman company.

Depends on the companies listed. From 375 to 500. Depending on if you are the lead PIC or the second PIC. And it does depend on which company. Vanes the least paid. And KSea, Moran, Reinauer, and Penn round out right up there at the top. Harley Marine pays well too. There is also Poling. But they are a tight bunch and rarely hire outside personal recs.

Iirc, Crowley pays better west coast, but thy play with wages when they go to the gulf.

BTW, Crowley just bought 2 newbuild Jones Act tankers to be built soon. That will be a dozen new PIC jobs too.

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[QUOTE=cappy208;79600]Crowley pays better west coast, but thy play with wages when they go to the gulf[/QUOTE]
Crowley’s WC IBU contract and Gulf SIU contracts have a “me too” clause for the ATBs. Wages balance out.

That’s pretty good pay, but then again they are the Barge Captain.

[QUOTE=Knots;79614]That’s pretty good pay, but then again they are the Barge Captain.[/QUOTE]

You have to be careful with the words “barge captain” around cappy208, he prefers the words first PIC and second PIC these days.


Actually, to borrow another acronym I sort of like, I prefer to call 'em Tics. (Tankerman In Charge) Quite similar to Ticks. You know, the nasty blood sucking leaches who just hang around doing nothing all the time and suck the life out of the crew.

Just a thought.

Actually Bouchard lead Tic, you bring up a good point. Often there are more than one individual who are licensed ‘Masters’ on a vessel at any one time. Only ONE is referred to as Captain. That is the ONE who is serving in the capacity of Master of the vessel. I know that on my vessel there has to be a licensed Master and a licensed Mate for it to operate. Just how many licences are required to operate your barge?


Not one. A PIC endorsement is NOT a license. I have a PIC too. I don’t refer to myself as a Captain PIC!

Those things were tricky to get off my dogs. You gotta drown them in cooking oil and then carefully pull with tweezers

here is some info i have gathered in the past few years.
Bouchard (2009)- 330 a day plus 45 a day for travel
Vane brothers (2011) 330 a day plus 10% if working in NY
Olympic (2011) 405 a day
Crowley (2011) 208 a day ATO but I have heard that there are dif rates depending what hall you work from
Foss (2011) 212 a day ATO but like Crowley above
Reinauer (2009) 430 a day
Penn (2009) 430 a day
Allied Transportation (2012) 350 a day
Delta Western (2012) 461 a day

Anyone know any others?

What yall think about $345 for ab tankerman?

OSG is another one with a high pay scale for PIC too, i believe its $450. But they are an extremely hard shell to crack. That’s on their ATB fleet too. Not sure about the Tanker rate.

Are you doing cargo or ballast? Do you sign the DOI?

Cargo. Signing DOI.

Thats pretty low. A regular AB makes more then that. Having a tankerman ticket should be a minimum $450.

Having a “tick ticket” and knowing how to use it are two different things. I know the guys working down south still make shit, around 250-275 a day. I know someone who works for martin and they maybe at 350 now.

Thats a day rate quoted from a hr mgr up north.

Bouchard ? Vane ? I know Reinauer’s payscale and its far from that. The lower the pay generally the less that is expected of you. The 3rd man on the bouchard barges is usually paid less but ive never joined the red navy so I dont know. Vane doesnt seem bad, ive heard the good and bad but its a job. Thank god I wised up and quit sniffing gas for a living.

Harley’s pirate fleet? I am assuming genesis is paying comparable to union scale.

Andrie from the lakes.