Decommissioning of Heimdal and Veslefrikk Fields

Makes me reflect on how times fly:

PS> The picture with this article has noting to do with any of these fields:

I was involved with the installation of both of these field.
As Warranty Surveyor for loadout and offshore lifting for the Heimdal Field in 1983-84:

PS> Lifting was by SSCV Balder.

As Towmaster for tow of the Veslefrikk jacket, from the building yard in Verdal, to Sognesjøen on a barge and the semi-submerged jacket from here to the field in 1989:

PS> Lifting in Sognesjøen and installation in the field by SSCV Micoperi 7000:
From the operation. Tow on barge M45:

Lifting in Sognesjøen (9800 m.t.):

Tow to field (Draft 68 m.):

Upending and installing on pre-drilled template:
Veslefrik 4 (2)