Norwegian Epic contact w/ mooring dolphins - San Juan

Piss poor communication between Master and Pilot. Master/Pilot exchange not logged. Lots of “assumptions” about how things were going to occur. Good example of what not to do. Links to incident video and NTSB report. Enjoy!!


Ha; $3.5m for something with the structural integrity of cardboard?

Have you ever had to contract gov’t work in PR?

The Master’s approach to the pier was pretty close…

Distance betw/ piers is about 520’, which leaves a little under 260’ for tugs/wiggle room. Unfamiliarity with the area and local knowledge. Didn’t really listen to the pilot’s advice. He was thrusting towards the dock at one point?! When you are getting set on the pier that seems a little weird to me especially that close unless you are pressing up. Just a few things I thought were wrong with that whole picture. I think he should have put his ego aside and let the pilot dock.

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