Nordstream 2 delayed

Aha, that explains it:

Is it possible that Trump will meet some resistance (finally):
He will probably throw a fit and threaten even more sanctions.
No change he will figure out that he is not the “World Dictator”, is there??

Russia hope to complete the Nordstream 2 project by the end of this year to ensure energy security for Europe:

Denmark give it’s nod to restart work on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline:,Russian%20natural%20gas%20to%20Europe.

Nice to see you active again on the forum.

A bit surprising that both the US and Russia claim to care a lot about European energy security.
Could not possible have anything to do with securing market for surplus Natural Gas, could it?

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Whereas Norway and Poland also benefit from Germany’s appetite for natural gas, but seem to be letting Germany make the free choices of a rational consumer as if capitalism was more than just a nice-in-theory pipe dream. No, no-one believes that a German port will be sanctioned for its own good.

On the other hand, why does Germany need the gas so badly, right now, and damn the consequences? It seems to be because they are narrowly focused on achieving their green economy transformation goals. “Green” as a value to the exclusion of all others is too easy a mark for a commodity to hit, and camouflages a lot of other harm and irrationality.

Yes Norway has a gas pipeline to Germany and there are probably some LNG cargoes going there as well. No protest against Nordstream 2 though.

Don’t know if Poland sell any gas to Germany, but they may have some other reasons to protest against this pipeline.

Norway consume very little in country but export their production of oil and gas to anybody that can pay,

I don’t know if any Norwegian company is/will be hit by this unilateral US sanction, but it is possible.

I suppose Swinoujscie might count as a reason. Or maybe they get the feeling that European economic cooperation doesn’t apply to Poland, somehow?

oh, and there was that little cut-off-the-gas-during-a-coldsnap… thing.

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An insightful panel discussion on the topic.

Would it have been so painful to include an expert from Poland or Ukraine? Nevermind! We’ll just wring our hands bemoaning that we never listen to them when they also have skin in the game. Germany’s argument seems to be: “but we’re not over-leveraged, so what’s the problem?” without taking in to account the danger they are putting their neighbours in. Germany benefits from the low wages and highly trained skill sets of eastern European workers, and therefor seems to have every reason to sabotage or neglect anything that might benefit Eastern Europe’s security, prosperity, or standing among other nations.

Construction of the last bit of Nord Stream 2 pipeline (2.6 km) to continue before the end of 2020:,pipeline%20from%20Russia%20to%20Germany.

The last bit in German waters are now completed:

Now is left the part in Danish waters.

Trump doesn’t give up hope of forcing his will on the Europeans:

DLB Oceanic 5000: