Nordstream 2 delayed

Forgot to add GDP. I’ve been harping on it for years.

This quote is the essence of what I’m talking about. Germany does not feel the need to contribute to its own defense nor support the American economy that provides its security. The only conclusion that may be drawn is that they either take their security for granted, or they are ambivalent about it, or both. That makes them a poor strategic partner.

The question of where Germany will import LNG from is academical at the moment:

Germany import dry gas directly from Russia, Norway and Netherlands by pipeline and are connected to the wider European gas pipeline network.

Realpolitik at work:

And the key point is:

From Poland who knows real Russian dominance.

It’s not over until the courts have had their say:

Even then it may go on for a new round of court hearings.
(No wonder Lawyers are fat, rich and happy).

as they say in the UK they ( lawyer politicians ) make bad laws to make lawyers rich…

Nord Stream 2 online by end of the year By : Marc Allen
Russian gas company, Gazprom, says it will deliver a commercially important volume of gas to Europe via the Nord Stream 2 pipeline by the end of this year. The company says the project will be completed in time to transport 5.5 billion cubic metres of natural gas to Germany, with more to follow. Unconfirmed reports indicate the controversial pipeline will be online as early as the end of August. “We cannot confirm the speculations launched by some media outlets regarding the dates, as well as misinterpretation concerning the completion of pipelaying and construction of the whole pipeline. “The pipeline is already more than 99 percent completed, and we will reveal the pipelaying completion in due time,” the company said in a statement.

It sounds good.

Russia’s Gazprom announced completion of Nord Stream 2 pipeline construction on Friday 11. Sept. 2021: