Russia #2 exporter of oil to the US

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So from Russia it’s not just feedstock for nuclear power plants, it’s oil too.

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I guess hilary secured the nuke fuel thing and just a couple years ago the usa was oil independent … what happened?
the price we all pay for a few peoples idealism or path to riches.

Wasn’t it “Energy Independence” that was strived for all those years??

“Oil independence” = You produce and export as much oil (incl. petroleum products) as you use and import.

At the moment I believe the US is a net exporter of both oil and gas. (??)

And what about your green-most Norway?

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Yes Norway is a net exporter of oil and gas. While main power source is hydro electric. therefore Norway is a major producer and a small user of oil and gas, which you knew. very well.

Hardly any gas is used on shore in Norway and LNG is being phased out as fuel on ferries etc.
Heating is mostly electric and by fire wood.
Electric cars are now bestsellers. New fossil fueled driven cars will be banned from 2025.

Since emission of GHG is counted at emission source, not at producer of oil, gas or coal, Norway is a “green country” (at least among developed countries)

OK… however, we have this saying:
“People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”

if australia was only 5 million it would already running on renewables and the USA might support 50 million?

I didn’t throw stones, nor live in a glass house.
For the US to become independent on oil imports has been a aim for years. That they have now reached that goal and even become a net exporter should therefore be seen as a good thing.

That major oil and gas producers and exporters also import crude oil and petroleum products is not surprising, or anything new. Even Saudi Arabia, Russia and Norway import some.

BTW; If Oz and US had only 5 Mln. (population?) they wouldn’t need as much energy as they do now, that’s true.
They MAY still emit as much GHG per capita as they do today, though, since it is not a given that there would have been the same amount of renewable energy available.

What if China had only 5 Mln. population?
“As of end 2020, China had total installed solar and wind capacity of 535 GW.” according to this article:

BTW: If the GHG emission from exported crude oil and gas should be “accredited” to the exporting country, what about coal export?
Oz being a major exporter of coal and LNG would “win” hands down as the biggest emitter.

Oops, I forgot, it already are, without counting exported coal and LNG:


PS> China is not an OECD country and therefore not on the list.


Imagine Singapore’s CHG emissions with all that HFC plus the other refinery products and they burn all the garbage.
Perhaps its lucky as the electricity produced by gas rather than coal but Singapore per head used double the energy than the next worst nation which I am sure is to do with the aircon everything 24/7 365
Not a member of the OECD

The other question is where does the chg data come from?

Would that make Norway one of the worlds largest polluters per head due to the oil sold by a small population?

I’ve heard that catch phrase thrown around by a few more conservative politicians for years but I don’t think that was an official goal for the whole or even the majority. If it was, one side would use it against the other on the floor of Congress every time the balance of power flipped. IMO, Americans want cheap gas above anything else, period. We don’t care where it comes from. As for myself, I have no problem importing the majority of our oil from Russia, Nigeria or the Middle East as long as it is cheap & we have the infrastructure in place to support our own demands when we need to. I don’t think it was ever a problem of where it came from, it was the price & the dependency on corrupt foriegn regimes to get it.

That would certainly bring Norway up the list, but no “hope” of catching Oz in that respect.

Security has been mentioned as a main reason to become energy-, or at least oil-independent. Dependence on unstable -even unfriendly- Middle Eastern countries being the main grievance AFAIK.

Amen!! Even more than clean air and energy independence, I believe.(??)

No question marks in parentheses needed. It’s a fact.

The whole energy independence thing began with the 1973 Oil Crisis. Arab oil producers retaliated against Western countries for supporting Israel by reducing oil exports. Gas prices shot up. People waited in long lines for gas. Humiliation. It’s happened several times since then.

Which is one reason I’m all for solar cells and wind turbines. They won’t completely displace fossil fuels. But every watt of energy they produce reduces our dependence on foreign oil, to the point where if Russia or Arab suppliers want to place an embargo on us again, we can say, “Sounds great, we’ll save the money on shipping…”

Buyers only have the upper hand when they say “No” to the supplier.

Much of the imports have to do with refinery preferences, as mentioned in the article. PADD5/West Coast refineries like the heavier stuff. The supply from Alaska is fixed without capability really to increase output from Alaska at this point. Some PADD3/GoM refineries are also set up to handle heavier and sourer crude and without Venezuela and less from Middle East, have to get it from somewhere. PADD2 and PADD4 refiners source from Canada. There is a crude pipeline that originally ran GoM to Midwest but is reversing flow to allow more flow to GoM from Canada (see attached link). PADD1/Northeast refiners want light, sweet crude and Nigerian Bonny Light and Qua Iboe is good for them. The WTI to Brent/Bonny spread is pretty low right now so it is cheaper for them to import than it is to pay Jones Act tanker rates to source light, sweet WTI. If the WTI spread to Brent/Bonny widens, we’ll probably see more coastal trips on ATB’s, etc, to deliver GoM crude to Delaware Bay. Lots of other details I won’t go into, but gives a general picture.