Artic take over by the communists

wasnt this inevitable? The USCG has plenty of bravado on this issue but no boats except the Healy, essentially a research vessel. China and Russia have a substantial number of nuclear-powered ice breakers and they can shut down commerce or establish ice based strategic sites anytime they want.

You need to post some articles or something with context when you start posts like this.


Last time i checked Russia was communist in 1992 if my memory serves me well but I may be wrong of course. There is a thread on icebreakers on this forum hence it can be good idea to visit it - this is what rules of this noble Forum suggest. Cheers

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Doesn’t Putin describe himself as a Marxist-Leninist like Xi does ?

Isn’t Russia whatever Putin says it is ? (What does he say it is ?)

Has Telegram buried him again ? So many questions.

Greta says we won’t need no icebreakers.

ready proceeding two moth ago its all about it
search artic strategy implementation plan

Proceeding 8-2023 Vol 149/8/1446

BRAVDO?! Just ONE icebreaker? Research the USCGC Polar Star. Still in commission, still carrying out her duties year after year after year. The Coast Guard is the "red-headed step-child of the US military. The Coast Guard has struggled for decades for funding for new ships. At present the CG has ONE heavy icebreaker with another heavy breaker being used for parts. The Polar Star is almost 50 years old and in term of icebreakers, that is incredible that she is still carrying out her mission. Bravado? No, begging Congress for funds. There MIGHT be ONE heavy breaker coming online by 2025. The Polar Star will have to continue to sail until two more breakers finally get built in the future. Also, icebreakers that take part in Operation Deepfreeze cannot even carry weapons heavier than "light arms: due to the Antarctic Treaty that keeps Antarctica a “weapons-free zone”. Next time try doing some research before you attack a service you evidently know nothing about.


perhaps when they were part of the DOT they were red heads but they are with homeland security now and are flush with cash. One VERY old outdate ice breaker simply is not enough. constantly breaking down. by 2025 if it does get done by then the Chinese and Russians will as they do now dominate BOTH polar caps.
they piss away money like water look at the Beowulf WMSL 750, hull number one with a design flaw, they have to go slow when the after build strain gauge alarms go off and they built a couple of more identical vessels but the strain gauges were installed during construction. How do you rationalize that type of thinking. They do something well Search and Rescue they are unsurpassed, Inspection of commercial vessels they are a dismal failure thats why everyone goes to class so they don’t have to deal with the ignorant farm boy who went to ABYC school and thinks he knows something. You gt to feel bad for the passenger carries they dont have alternatives (Like perhaps surveyors that have been working in the industry fo 30 years)They will never be found wrong in a court of law regardless of how flagrant their failures its just the way it is. they cut a private pleasure craft in two in san diego a few years back killed an infant, court ruled dereliction of duty.
But I digress, one ice breaker is a joke