No way I’m signing that deal' with 'Green New Deal stuff

Agree wholeheartedly. THAT is an example of the type of negotiation that SHOULD occur. I.e., directly related to how the $1T+ of our money will be spent.

Any comment on why the forgiveness of the post office debt or voter registration requirements or tax credits for alternative energy programs (or any of the previously mentioned programs) should be in the Coronavirus emergency relief bill?

What do you think that $500 million is going to be spent on? Masks and gowns? Ventilators? It’s all at POTUS45’s discretion. It’s worse than an itemized list of pet projects, as the Democrats have. It 's a slush fund. (Read, a really, really long wall, and a lot of money for farm relief owing to tariffs, and maybe a fishing trip with a certain Korean dicitator…).

No…it won’t be…because the Dems won’t sign off on it until a satisfactory level of oversight is included (which is ABSOLUTELY appropriate).

As I said (and you quoted):

Still no comment on whether the previously mentioned items should be included in the COVID-19 emergency relief bill?

Why cant anyone just say they’re all crooked ? Im watching the attacks against both parties instead of anyone saying, “wow neither side really gives a shit. They are all just worthless bastards who are beholden to their lobbyists”. But no instead of us all banding together as Americans who are sick of this crap, let’s bicker amongst ourselves.


If you’re asking me if they should be in the final bill, the answer is no. But I’ve given my guess as to why they are in the draft bill. Are we talking past each other here?

(I must admit I’m not certain of everything in the bill. I was reading my copy when Nancy Pelosi interrupted me to play tennis, and you know how she is. And then I tried to get back to reading it after the match, and Chuck Shumer had this really long joke about two coal miners and a nun, and we got to talking with Barry, and decided to have drinks in the Deep State Club under the Washington Monument, so I brought the draft bill with me to read, but then Hillary was there, and it was the whole jello shooters thing again, you know, and I forgot…)

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They should not be included. This can be worked out or not down the road. This bill is about the crisis at hand, not about some pork down the road to hold up the bill. Standard behavior by both our “Elected Officials” in the past, but now is not the time for the usual bullshit. Help the country now, if you give a crap. . I think we are all of the opinion there is only one Jones Act , union cruise ship in the USA, NCL lines in Hawaii. If you are gonna throw a few bucks that way, they should be first and ONLY in line in that business they are trying to help. Throw that in there Nancy.

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@seaeagle, (and @dbeierl) thank you for your clear, concise, answer to the question posed on the first try.

It’s not over yet, but neither side plays and works well with others these days. The truth of the matter is that the Republicans “started it” this time by attempting to ramrod a nonstarter through without any input from the Democrats. Then there’s the dirty tricks.

The Republicans are much better at the dirty tricks game, and are trying to stain the Democrats with fault. That does have a decent chance of working. This time however, the game of chicken will most likely end with both sides swerving and chickening out.

Doesn’t it have a decent chance of working because it’s true?

Let’s say the bill goes to Trump with these unrelated items intact and he vetoes it. How exactly will the argument that “Trump doesn’t want to help the American people because he wouldn’t vote for (insert all the non COVID-19 related items already enumerated)” go over? I think (hope) the public will see through that.

Because that is never going to happen. McConnell is afraid to send up a bill that he loves, because of Trump’s tendency to piss backwards and change his mind on a whim. It won’t even be voted on, much less sent up.

Not true at all. Unless you’re only blaming one side of the tit for tat. The $500 million slush fund is a no go.

Yeah, it’s true he doesn’t like to waste time sending up bills that he knows will be vetoed.

Problem is that in this case, this bill is HIGH HIGH visibility and HIGH HIGH priority and right now the hot potato is in his hands. 60 votes are needed for this so SOME kind of compromise will have to be made. I think that if the Dems really won’t relent on these items, he will ensure that maximum spotlight will be pointed on the fact that the Kennedy Center for the Arts’ maintenance fund (or something similar) is what’s holding up your $3000 check America and go ahead and send it up. It’ll get vetoed and the resulting shitshow will ensue.

What I HOPE happens is that enough Dems from vulnerable districts break ranks and join the Republicans to get the 60 vote “clean” bill through without the need for the left wing fringe BS. We’ll see.

Edit: And yes, oversight for ALL the money (not just the $500B chunk) MUST be included.

Good point, we will see.

Unless I missed something, we are still waiting for a clean bill. But that is my working prediction yes. A clean bill, or series of clean bills.

I should also point out the other reason the crazy bill won’t go up. It would be a serious gamble with public opinion. It could go either way, but I think that the most likely result of a veto would be a president covered in sh*t.

This is the core question I was asking when starting this thread: In that veto scenario, who would get the blame in the public opinion (specifically, the voters who aren’t already locked in to who they will vote for).

It’s easy to say ‘Presidential veto=President’s fault’. That’s why if this continues to drag on, you’ll see a maximum pressure PR campaign by Republicans to get the word out that the reason for the delay is the long list of non-COVID-19 related items. That way, no one will need to ask “What? Why did he veto it?”

Good luck with that theory. McConnell’s too crafty to risk that. No experiments this week.

It would be nice this just shows the state of our country. It’s time to come together as a nation and work to a common goal and people can’t seem to remove politics.

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It won’t be his call alone. Assuming this drags out, he and Trump will judge where the negotiations are and what the Dems are demanding to get to 60 votes and make the call. Either bite the bullet with whatever is in there, or veto and highlight why.

Definitely a gamble, just like having to make a call of when to re-open the economy. A wrong call on either of those will have devastating repercussions in November.

We’ll see.

Hehe. Now. If you want to gamble on outcomes, today Trump was talking about filling chuches on Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020. That’s 18 days from now. What do you think the hospital situation will be like on that day?

Because some of these issues are not political issues for me. Some are core, fabric of our country type issues and are not eligible for compromise. Unfortunately, the other side has the same convictions with 180 degree opinions. Not possible to:

when that’s the case.

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