War of words

The war of words between US and China now also apply to viruses, real and political:

Not only politicians and propagandist are busy making up more or less believable claims against each other, conspiracy theories flourish on social and some “mainstream media”

The Chinese did try and avoid accepting responsibility until they were called out by Korean scientists who recognised a new flu appearing in hospitals and started tracing it backwards.



One of my rabbits who is a world recognised clinical researcher into respiratory illnesses.

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While the world is fighting the corona virus, the US and China is fighting each other in a “war of blame”:

Maybe it would be better to find common ground??

Ya think?

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Yes, me think.

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The most fundamental demagogic technique is scapegoating: blaming the in-group’s troubles on an out-group, usually of a different ethnicity, religion, or social class.


History has shown that technique works extremely well for wannabe dictators. The last 100 years proves how modern communications and mass rally style events keep the masses “energized.”

Trump has probably never read a history book but somehow he or his handlers have fine tuned the practice.

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It’s on:

China's Xinhua News just posted a piece titled "Be bold: the world owes China a thank you", which says if China imposes restrictions on pharmaceutical exports, US will be "plunged into the mighty sea of coronavirus". https://t.co/us3QJB7kIa

— Yanzhong Huang (@YanzhongHuang) March 4, 2020
For your convenience, I've fed the link to Google Translate.

We’ll figure it out one day.

James Fallows is good on this subject:

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Listen to the words that only a select few heard weeks ago, on the same day that Donald the Orange told the American people the virus was nothing to worry about because it would disappear like magic.

Ain’t that the truth!

Energized, tuned. To stay with that analogy Trump tuned his message at his live rallies in real time. Using immediate feedback the messages that resonated he fine tuned and repeated, the ones that didn’t he dropped.

Small periodic forces that are near a resonant frequency of the system have the ability to produce large amplitude oscillations in the system