Newhire AB on a Hornbeck Tug...Advice?

I’ve just landed a position as an AB on a Hornbeck tug!! Any advice? I’m packing for my first hitch putting together my gear, and collecting some recipes. I have not worked as an AB in years.

I’m excited to once again return to sea.



Great News and Good Luck. Don’t sweat the small stuff, go with the flow and roll with the fact your back at work. And don’t forget to update us on how things are at Hornbeck.

Thanks Ebb Tide…OK I will send a few updates from my first hitch.

I’ve been looking for the right position for months after being pushed out the door when I went to class for my 1600ton master on my time off. I had been working as a 200ton captain.

Looks like I got out of the GOM at the right time!!!


[B]Hey Curt,
Sorry I didn’t get back to you when you asked me about my Hornbeck experiences. I worked for the original Hornbeck from 1992 to 1997 so I don’t know much about the current company. I am in occasional touch with a couple of the guys that work for the new Hornbeck and they seem to be real happy. The company is massive now and is still growing and they have some very up to date, state of the art equipment. I don’t think you will go wrong going to work for them. Like at most companies nowadays you have to show them that you share their enthusiasm and commitment to the company and if you put in that extra effort to learn all you can about your job, you should be okay. Remember, you were their pick among many folks looking to go to work so don’t slack up…good luck…Steve.[/B]

Thanks Capt Steve,

You are right about the “extra effort”. I did submit my application online but that seemed like a dead end. So I got on a plane and went down to LA, rented a car and drove to the HOS office and forced my way in the door to find the person who would hire me. The online application process sucks! I Wanted A Job! I’ve been looking around for months for the right company/position/long-term opportunity and once I found what I wanted then I did all that I could to make it happen…and I got the job.

I’ll start as an AB, but with all my other credentials (thanks Chouest), and having already been approved to test for my 1600ton master I’ll move up quick.

As an AB on a tug, I guess that I’ll be cooking a lot so PLEASE share any favorite recipes (send via PM). I want to make a good impression my first hitch!