New York DP Cetner

Has anyone heard anything about the training center in New York, I was thinking about getting my Basic knocked out before summer, but I might just hold off since it’s way closer and cheaper. Anyone train here, any info would be helpful. Thank you.

Have you been keeping up with anything in the GOM??

[QUOTE=KrustySalt;159601]Have you been keeping up with anything in the GOM??[/QUOTE]

I think I have, but I’m not sure what you’re referring to. I have a job lined up after graduation if that’s what you’re asking. But they said I should take the Basic course first.

No, its probably an academy kid who’s been told he will go straight to a drillship. Duh

Got a friend of a coworker with a vested interest in it. Got the skinny from him and referred a few underclass mass guys to it. State of the art Kongsberg training equipment up near the Kappa Pi Sigma house.

The second closest is Prince Edward Island way up north. Two of my Maine Trainees went there as cadets and knocked out basic. Good review but it was closer to Castine than the Third Coast at the time.

Can’t beat the travel to NY if you are paying out of pocket and also happen to live in the greatest part of the United States. You probably won’t get the free coffee, lunch, snacks and soda that you get in Houston with Kongsberg training… That’s the real DPO experience.

Massive taxes, outrageous home prices and cold weather? Yea, that’s a great area!!

How does that have anything to do with DP training?

From what I’ve heard in regards to this NY training center is that the courses are being taught by actual DPOs and their lesson plans (which are created by those dpos who still work in the field) are based on current practices used in the industry. To me that sounds like a hell of a lot better deal than what I received years ago from 2 separate training centers in Houston… DP basic and advanced for that matter are now almost a requirement on a resume if you want a call back from a prospective company. That being said, if I were at an academy up North theirs no doubt in my mind that I would make sure I graduated with a license as well as DP basic out the door… Whatever the cost is out of pocket to take DP basic now a days is penny’s compared to potential earnings.

Has anyone on here taken a course at this new training center??