Dynamic Positioning Training

The last time I investigated DP training there was a waiting list for classes. Who would you recommend for initial DP training and who would you avoid. Thanks

I think a lot of courses are filled up a month or two in advance, There was one open seat when I took the course at Kongsberg in Houston back in May, I would say the best best place to take the course is whatever place the company you work for is paying for. Couple guys from Otto Candies where at kongsberg at the same time as me. i thought the course was really good, pretty damn basic, seems to me it should include at least one day on a full mission simulator. Also,it seems to me when things pick back up companies will be willing to pay for you to go. I dropped the $ and did it back in May thinking I could get on with a supply boat company for the summer as a cadet and get at least 30 days in so I can take the Simulator course before I have to do my 90 day sea project next summer, no such luck, just sitting in Michigan waiting for school to start back up in Sept, 2 months of being broke and bored. I Should have said screw DP for now and got on a tanker or ATB for the summer. Live and learn.

Best of luck in your pursuits.


Thanks Nate,

I truly believe that [FONT=Arial]'Luck is when opportunity meets preparation" Lets hope that your preparedness gets you the break your looking for.

Frank Bieier in New Orleans seems to have seats only because they don’t advertise as much and most of your Drilling guys only look around Houston.

For what it is worth, I was on the only one in basic class at Frank Beier in April, but the class was full for Advanced in May.

Give them a call.