Best DP training schools/centers overseas

So, I’ve been working in NYC harbor for about 2 years now, ab/mate, for a good company on a tanker, great benefits, but miserable pay considering cost of living in NYC. I have a 3rd Mate’s AGT, PIC, and a sliver of DPO trainee experience.
I started out of school as a DPO trainee however it never worked out for me even though the pay was great as well as the opportunities for advancement. Coming out of school only to be staring at books all day AGAIN didn’t go well. It was also hands on but the books put me to sleep. Now I’ve been out on the water the past 2 years (a hopper dredge the year before) and feel like learning it (DP).

I honestly blew it as a trainee, so safe to say, if I’m going to go back in, I’ll pay my way in, and earn it. I somehow still have my dp training materials, or whats left of them to prep.
The reasons I want to go back are

  1. Pay (also less taxes, did you know theres a NYC city tax?)
  2. Longer time off
  3. Learning

I’ve been working on deck 70/ wheelhouse-cargo pump room 30 the past 2 years and for damn sure know I want to be up there. But I don’t want to work my ass off and have to worry about how much I will have left over when I get my own place, which would not be that affordable while also paying for a car, and paying off college loans.

[B]So[/B], I’ve google’d DP schools and found there are several Kongsberg schools worldwide. Also there are C-MAR schools.

My [B]main questions[/B] are has anyone has gone to any of these schools overseas, as in London, Australia, Croatia, etc? Also, is Kongsberg still at the forefront of DP technology on the new builds?

If I’m going to school I figure I might as well do it somewhere I have never been before! Now if say in Croatia they teach in Croatian, thats too bad…
I know, I’ll miss the rodeos in Houston.

I’ve called and checked into the several schools in Manila. They are NI approved and almost the same price as the schools in Houston; (the food, beverage, lodging and nightlife is better and cheaper in Manila though, too bad there’s an expensive plane ticket involved).

Never been to the far east though it would be great to go! Just not sure how safe I would be there, I feel I would stick out like a sore thumb but I’m probably just paranoid. I heard of people going there and then getting hitched. Apparently there are some real seductive ladies out there.

no, i have not gone to any DP schools overseas. however, i have shipped overseas for many years working with DP officers from Croatia, South Africa, Norway, England, Ghana, and of course the Philipines - to name a few. but the point is these countries all have dp training centers (or centres if you’re going overseas). not sure about class cost but would wager they’re about the same, the difference being in the hotel, food, “fun experience” catagories. London vs Cape Town vs Houston vs Accra vs Lowestoft etc. I looked at that nice maritime school in Cape Town and wanted to go there but ended up being sent to Kongsberg Houston. I was on the company payroll so what could I say: "NO, I WANNA GO TO CAPE TOWN. PLEEEEASE?"
Yes, as a DP man, I say go Kongsberg.
Accra and Cape Town would be my first choices; Africa is great, but then I’m completely bias: a white connecticut yankee working over there on and off since 1993!
Have fun and make the most of where-ever you go.

I would like Cape Town because then I could go on a motorcycle road trip through there, of course I’ve only read about other peoples adventures doing it and doubt anyone else would want to go… That or say hello to some sharks.
I didn’t know there were DP training centers in Accra, Cape Town.
Yeah, I see no point in learning a different DP system unless it could give me some edge. Its pretty crazy there really is only ONE company under which all this technology is owned and developed…

All of the DP manufacturers have NI approved schools around the world so it’s worthe spending some time investigating them. As for brands there are three major suppliers (they provide to all kinds of vessels inlcuding the drilling fleet) and a number of minor suppliers who only supply to OSV’s. Kongsberg has the majority of systems in operation, but there are many others to be aware of especially for a beginning DPO.

I would agree that taking the classes at Kongsberg is your best bet.

While many of the companies will look at your DP training certs to determine what school provided your trraining very few will look at the location where you took the training. I say this only because the best Kongsberg DP instructors are at their Norway facility… if you take the courses there you are likely to learn more than taking them at Houston (especially the APOS course, which I hear is terrible at Kongsberg Houston). But you get the same degree by taking it at Houston and the cost (in flights, hotels, etc) is significantly cheaper.

If you are just looking to get in on the ground floor then you will need just Basic And Advanced courses. Still Kongsberg is your best bet but this class is the same all over the world. It’s only with the more advanced courses (APOS, Seatex, the Maintenance Course, etc) where the quality of the instructor is critical.

You can find the Kongsberg course schedules at THIS LINK.