Another DPO school gone for dubious reasons

“We inform all our training providers that the Nautical Institute has withdrawn its accreditation of DP
Training Solution, LLC, of 1 Linden Place, Suite 312, Great Neck, NY 11021, USA, with effect from
13th April 2022, due to non-compliance with The Nautical Institute training standards.”

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I recently had a coworker talking about wanting to take a class there. I’ll make sure to let him know about this.

I mean somehow that place had a 2 day “weekend” version of the introductory and simulator classes. Perhaps that was their downfall?


I’m pretty sure it was a 3 day class. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

thats still less than the NI minimum

They definitely had some 2 day courses. Sat. & Sun. only.

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Now the problem starts with everyone that went there will have their certificates called into question.
Most likely have to do the exams again

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Young KP grad on my boat now, will have to retake course. Also about 25 days of DP time she can’t count.

Are you sure about that? Thought all they needed to do was retake the test and the class would still count.

Was that a NI press release? Do u have a link or more info?

@Tcaptain here you go.

Thank You, new 3rd Mate onboard got stuck by these guys, I’m trying to help her out so her DP time will count.

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if youre trying to be a hero here it spells it out pretty clear

The candidate’s sea time and task sections in the logbook will not be affected.

Specifically, candidates who have completed their Induction Course at DP Training Solution, LLC must take and pass the online TestReach Induction exam before being eligible for the Simulator course.

she needs to pass an online test and gets 2 tries at it. If she fails both she forks over the $$$ for a new induction class. case closed

Also, its worth it to point out DP training solutions offered the class very cheaply and convenient for KP students. doesnt seem like they stuck anybody here.

Yes because they were not doing the course as per the NI syllabus and probably doing the exam for the student which is a result of not doing the required training hence the student doesn’t have the knowledge to pass.
Same model as school down south, Feds almost put someone in prison for scamming the USCG a federal body so dodgy schools have committed a federal crime.

Not really the same. In the case of the school in Norfolk, VA, the “students” involved in the fraud didn’t take a course, they bought a fraudulent certificate that falsely certified that they successfully completed a course. There was no evidence that students who actually took courses at the school received a course that was not compliant with the curriculum, examinations, and assessments the Coast Guard approved.

Sure was, as the course has a minimum number of days to fulfill to try to prevent fraud like this.
They clearly had a lesson plan to pass an NI audit and reality was something else.
The students at beer radio also completed in a very short time.

PS is it just American Mariners that cant pass the NI exam without assistance?

Read my post in its full context, not just part of it. I was talking about the school in Norfolk and its USCG approved courses, not the NI school.

The thread is about NI schools

But you are the one who linked to the school in Norfolk saying they (Mid-Atlantic) was using the same model.

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Oh FFS. You’re the one who dragged the school in Norfolk into this feckin’ discussion.