Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy chief administrator among 4 charged in selling

This is the one I was thinking of, just took me a bit to find it.

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The infamous Maurice at a DP school, I think he got federal time?

And this:

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Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Sorry for my bit of schadenfreude

Surprisingly not. I looked that one up last night cause I was curious. While he faced up to 20 years in prison, he received no prison time. He got only 5 years probation and had to pay restitution of over $300K.

While it looks like he falsified documents for over a hundred mariners, I couldn’t find out what, if anything, happened to the mariners.

To me, in this current case as well, the mariners who are paying for the fake credentials are as equally criminal as those arrested for issuing them. Is that not news because the USCG didn’t get the list of customers?

I think the NI did a comprehensive audit of Beier Radio’s DP school records vs those that submitted certificates from there and voided the DP certificates of those that cheated.

I KNOW that they looked extra close at any application where someone took the class at Beier during that time.

Things are tough enough lately without this nonsense, which will make it more difficult for others trying to get ahead, especially for Hawsepipers (like me)…

Brendan Lally
Master AGT upon Oceans (ret)


What’s the big deal? Academies do it all the time. Pay them 100k and you get nice shiny 3M license minimal effort. Oh boy I’ve pissed someone off.


i assume the CME I got will be “baked in” and I’m ok? gawd, these people that think they can get ahead doing this bs … who do they think they are, Hillary?

I had heard of a guy at my company that turned in a fake cert for the advanced fire renewal class. I understand that the CG suspended his license for one year.

That would be rather minor, my concern would be upper licenses in the engine room and wheel house. They will show obvious inexperience for the “documents” produced and will be noticed after a short ride.

It would of been better if the CG made him do a public service announcement telling other would be cheats how much money he lost with the suspension in order to get his license back.

Ain’t easy to get any documents/upgrades. But damn harder if you cheat and get caught.

didn’t john wayne say “lifes rough” … “it’s even rougher when you’re stupid” …


I like that one jimrr.


Don’t think this is gonna turn out as well as the prior handling of these type cases. It ain’t easy going legit by a longshot. But much harder now for the players in this old scheme. Wait till they get a hold of your computers and phones. And bank accounts in this day and time. (If they haven’t already). They didn’t get rich, but did something really stupid that most mariners on here wouldn’t touch with a 100 foot pole.

I was on the Orange and Black OSVs when that happened. I believe anyone that went to Bier had there books refused. Luckily I went to Konsburg

I know a guy that got hassled over it but his Bier certificate was ultimately accepted because he had proof he paid the school and attended.

Dang, it went from 4 at 1 school to 31 that includes former employees of a REC. That probably needs a thread all by itself.

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