Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy chief administrator among 4 charged in selling

That may be true but that has nothing to do with Maurice selling class certificates.

I switched from CMTI to MAMA because it was closer to home.

I’m renewing this year and I’m thinking that I will return to CMTI for my refresher classes. I think MAMA will lose some business from this. When they changed their location it lost the feel of a school for the training of professional mariners that was staffed by professional mariners and started to feel more like a license mill staffed by former military with little to no commercial experience for GI Bill money.

I thought MAMA did a good job with the well taught course that I took there. It was taught be a retired MSC Master.

I was shocked that a couple of my underperforming classmates managed to supposedly pass on retests.

I prefer the schools in Seattle and Fort Lauderdale.

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