Another DPO school gone for dubious reasons

Sorry guys, my mistake I meant it was Biere radio , down south.
I linked the wrong thread.

There was never an issue with the students that took the class at Beier Radio. Maurice was selling certificates on the side to people that didn’t actually attend. When the NI caught on they just started calling the school to verify attendance before approving applications. It delayed the process a little but anyone that actually took the class was fine.

I think the students had to prove it not the school, I know a few told me they had to show hotel receipts
The management must have been involved for Maurice to do that unless he was running the whole show by himself?

Did you even read the link you posted?

Management want involved at all. It was all Maurice.

I thought the guy I know that went through all that said the school verified but it’s been a while since we discussed it. It would have been easy for the school to do since they had zero records of anyone who received a fake certificate.

The received an NI cert processed and paid by the school, the course was missing. Somebody logged on to do the exam. Which takes an email from the school to the NI with student details to obtain log ID and password for a set exam time window.
The NI then had to sift through the records to try to work out who didnt do the course and who did, many done by the student proving they were in town to cover that period.
Attendance sheets all filled in no doubt.

Like I said, perhaps the financial management at the business was a bit slack, business booming but no income?
Maurice was the secretary and the administrator?

No they didn’t.

There was no online exam back then.

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2007 till 2013 must have been close to the start of the exam in 2013?
Certainly pre exam and basic course you could scam the student and business if they had no controls.

I’m not sure when the online test started but my guess is it wasn’t until the 2015 training scheme started.

That’s what Maurice did. He had the students make the check out to him personally and he filled out their logbooks and have them a forged training certificate. The students weren’t on the books at the school at all, otherwise the school would have wondered where the money went that Maurice was pocketing. (That’s all in the source you provided that you didn’t read.)

They all turned up at the school, I heard from plenty of students it was very suspicious how some only stayed a short while so everyone knew.
Plus plenty had questions from the NI so it wasnt as clear cut as reported which from the US regulator and not the NI
One guy told me he used his fuel receipts to prove it as he stayed with relatives

I had Maurice in 2012, no issues.

It sounds like this NY school was decertified for sound and proper reasons.

Hopefully, someone else will reopen it and it will be NI approved again.

Everyone seeking DP training knows that NI approved DP Induction is a five day, roughly 8 hour a day course. The students who participated in a cheaper faster scam course that was only (18 hours?) knew that it didn’t meet NI requirements. They should be banned from NI DP certification for a reasonable time.

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The students are the victims here…nobody has said anything about banning them. and they will be good to go after passing an online assessment with 2 tries. So not happening. Good try though.

That’s sort of what I thought. Why are the students the ones at fault? “Approved” school offers an “approved” course. Everybody finds the shortest cheapest class that’s out there, assuming that the cert they get is valid.

approved school got approved by running approved courses but they ran unapproved courses, shortened by half or more.

Well, yea. But how’s the student to know? Do you check all the requirements for the various classes you take and compare them against what the school is offering?

If I was looking for a qualification i might wonder why most offer a 5 day course and one offers a 2 days course.


If I was right out of school and taking recommendation from friends/colleagues sailing I’d not give a shit and go where they went knowing the school was accredited

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I thought everyone understood education in the USA is just a money game?
Caveat Emptor, just a little latin at school could of saved all that.

They are joining the shipping industry and its one of the worlds largest bunch of crooks.
When its to good to be true it usually is.
There is one born every day…
Clearly only interested in the quailification and not the skill set.

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