DP Training

Thanks to the GI Bill, I am going to attend a DP basic course and am looking for opinions on the best all around school. Thanks in advance

The best DP system is Kongsberg and this is the system being installed on most of the high-value newbuilds. They have their own training centers which are well run and have the latest simulator equipment. They also have a location in Houston.

Here’s a list of most locations including Kongsberg’s contact info:

Kongsberge will probably cost you a bit more than the rest, but it will give you a leg up if your looking to start a career offshore.

Thanks John, I have ben looking for a site like this for a little while now. Is there a section on gcaptain that has a area dedicated to usefull maritime links? I know in the past I had to remember what topic I saw the desired link mentioned in and then go back and find it.

Sir i ask one question to you sir what is dp…