New ship bridge equipment

My company is in the works to build a new vessel. I was wondering what you guys prefer for radars/gmdss/ais/ecdis/etc… To my knowledge we are gonna be dp-2. I just wanted to get a sense of what is gonna be the most user friendly and what not. My company is asking our opinion on what we would prefer…Thoughts?

Furuno makes very good stuff with exception of autopilot. The 2125 radars are excellent stand alone units, 25KW power and 21" screen. Some go with the 12KW version as it tends to pick up less sea return, but comes at a price of lesser power for long range scanning. These are available in X and S band and one of each is optimal. I like at least and 8 ft antenna. JRC also makes nice Radars Stay away from the NAVNET. they are all interfaced and if one part goes out, it affects all… Autopilot…I like Simrad AP50 , or Roberson. Radios, I like ICOM the best (M604) for VHF and SSB, Then Standard Horizon, then Furuno. Chart plotter…Transas ECDIS would be first choice. If not going with full ECDIS, then a PC based Nobeltec or Rosepoint is very good. On a stand alone unit, again…Standard Horizon. As for color Sounder, Furuno and Simrad are top shelf. GMDSS…I like the Furuno as it seems to be a little user friendlier. Just my opinions…Good Luck!

I’ll second Bigpuddie’s recommendations with the exception of anything that says JRC on it.

If you’re looking at chart plotters go with a system that will allow you to download the NOAA Vector Charts and Raster Charts. Both versions are free and are updated regularly. It’s much easier to update and correct an entire catalog with a few downloads. Furuno and Nobeltec use proprietary vector systems and don’t update their catalogs more often than every 6 months AND you have to pay for them.
I absolutely swear by Furuno’s 2117 radar, AIS, NAVTEX, DGPS units and echo sounders.

thanks guys, good stuff.

[B]You can also find some cool things on company’s website like [U] NavNet 3D Training Videos (Furuno)[/U][/B]

[B]They also have a [U]forum here[/U] where you might get some more imput[/B]

[B]Not sure how much time you have, but company ought to send a few to [U]workboat show[/U]would be good too…at the end of November for couple of days.[/B]

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I like Sperry for Gyro, Autopilot and Radar. Everything else can be Furuno, The Robertson AP 50 Autopilot which is now made by Simrad is also pretty good. I have been very happy with all Furuno GMDSS suite including Satellite.