Price for ARPA

I’m looking to get some price points for radars and ARPA systems. On the manufacturer’s websites they don’t state prices, so I was hoping to get some insight here. Mostly interested in radars for commercial use, e.g. for tugs, inland shipping, short-sea and deep-sea shipping and potentially for other use cases. I’m also curious to know how much an ARPA system costs on top of the radar itself. Anyone with recent insights?

It has been some time, but the last radar I installed had it standard, the expense was getting a fast readout fluxgate to stabilize the heading so it would work.
For a small yacht that is not something they are likely to just have anyway, but if you are sticking a radar on a tanker or something I am sure the last radar that was on there had ARPA so the fluxgate or gyro inputs are already there :wink:

We replaced both our Furuno S / X band RADARs and antennae in 2020 for ~$180,000.

A couple years ago I bought a good Furuno tugboat radar with ARPA for $25,000. It gets heading input, position, speed etc from a $3500 Furuno satellite compass.

There is ARPA specifically called that and presumably certified for required installations. Then there is TT, MARPA, and whatever else the manufacturers come up with for their targeting system.
The $3,000 Furuno 1835 does what they call Target Tracking if it has a good heading input. It seems like the same thing as ARPA and doesn’t cost $180,000, so now in 2024 even the Boston Whaler going by with the radar on the T-top might have some form of ARPA.