Furuno FAR 2827 X-Band. PM test problem

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One quick question. I have a problem with radar. New magnetron installed on it and still do not pass performance monitoring test. No arcs visible. Also the echos are very weak at high output power ( tuning and gain almost max). Without echo averaging at sea echos are almost not visible. Do you have any idea where the problem is ? My guess is that the problem lays in receiver.

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The new magnetron could be faulty, had that before.
Best to get a techie in.

Unless as Hornblower says you bought a defective magnetron, thinking it was a bargain ?
Then follow the Furuno instructions for replacing the magnetron. AFC off and tune manually on 12 or 24 milel range, then AFC on and it will most likely work correctly…
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Took all actions as stated in manuals but the performance is bad nevertheless. Thank you quys for response on the topic. I think tech department will do the job then. Out of ideas here.

Stupid gear is usually too smart for its own good.
Got locked out of new radar once because it crashed and we hadn’t been given the password to reboot it.
Supplier had to remote in to get it going again.
Constant software problems.

Good thing that you had possibility to connect. I am unfortunately on pretty old ships and there is no such thing here. Equipment is 3 years old but there is no such integration made.

Hi …
After magnetron change in the FAR 2827 radar no echos but performance is showing ok …and port side some area not showing I will send photos please check and guide me to solve

Assuming you installed the new Magi correctly, both electrically and mechanically. I recommend you revert to the installation manual; and follow the procedure for initial tuning. Furuno produces good manuals.
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Try and check the timing disk inside the scanner unit.

Timing disk is located underneath the gear of the scanner array.
The slotted timing disk goes trough a opto coupler, light sensitive.

looks like some of the holes inside the timing disk are blocked therefor showing missing sectors.

Good luck

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