New mariner but long time sailor

I am trying to get my feet wet as a Mariner after my Navy days are up. I have applied and my package for my Zcard is routing now. I want to know how difficult it is to get a QMED position. I want to get in with Edison Chouest but I am finding it difficult to reach them. Is that a good company?

oh dear…here comes that horrible transformation again…

oh when will this hideous madness ever stop?

Go ahead and use the search function mike tons of good info for you in previous threads.

Thanks I am still learning how to work this app

You bet, it may take a little digging but a lot of good info has been covered on here.

The search button on the iPhone app is located on the bottom left under the forums section. You’ll have to scroll all the way up until you reach it. In other words you need to drag it down. Or as others have mentioned, type what your looking for in google and add gcaptain to your search.

I’d say forget the iphone and use a normal computer as there is lots of posts and lots of reading to be done after you search. Might be a little bit easier on a big screen.