New mariner

i have my z card, twic and stcw-bst but not getting any results with applying for OS positions. it seems in order to get started i need someone that has an in with a company. should i join the international seafarers union? what are other options i should try?

Where are you located?

im currently in south ms

if i go down to fourchon where should i go? just hand out my resume?

Yep…just get a place to base yourself out of for at least a week and start hitting all of the companies on both sides of the canal, and make sure you have your sea bag ready, because when they want you they want you ASAP! good luck swab…watch your 6!

thanks for the help

Don’t go as far south as Fourchon. Galliano is a good place to start. Unfortanately, with the spill and the threat of layoffs looming heavily in the Gulf it is going to be a tough sell. Take anything that gets your foot in the door. Good luck.

My advice,

  1. Your going to have to spend a few bucks. Spend a whole day and have a nice resume made up, make copys of you twic, NMC, and stuff like that, and send it to most of these companys or whatever ones you qualify for Do the same for tankers, small/local marine construction, ferry’s and stuff like that.

  2. Military Sealift Command, they will hire ANYONE…I know I am there right now (wink). Entry level are SU,and wiper, check there website and see if the announcement for those positions are open. If they aren’t hiring and they really catch you eye, do there KSA’s and get everything ready cause its a long process, and send in you package when the job opens.

  3. Small cruise boat company’s Cruise West, ACCL google some others. They hire rookies, a little less in this not so good Job market but still your best bet.

  4. Call a maritime headhunter/crewing agency. I heard he is really good.

If none of this stuff works, go Paul Hall SIU school, from what I hear the school will be the only way to get work with them. Take the first maritime job that comes your way, even if it really sucks, cause if a much better job comes along you can always be an a$$ and quit real quick, Sound irresponsible but you gotta do what you gotta do for your self and your career, Do what ever it takes to get your foot in the door.

Hope some of this stuff helps -Jeff