Technip. Opinions? Information?

I was referred to Technip by a friend who recently got a job on a drill ship. I sent my resume to the HR woman’s email he forwarded to me. I did some research on the company and looks like a company that knows what they are doing. Today I received a phone call from the marine superintendent we had a short interview over the phone about my previous five years of experience. After the call an email appeared asking me to confirm a time to talk to HR. The job is for 2nd Engineer on board a multipurpose construction vessel on a 28/28 rotation. I have not heard anything about salary yet. Currently the ship is in Mexico with contracts in the gulf coming up in the next few months. I wanted to ask my fellow sailing brothers on Gcaptain, if anyone has ever worked or had any experience with Technip. A website is good, but getting info from the front lines is much better. Thank you all.

I loaded out s couple of jobs for them. Very professional and knowledgeable. They are an international company and very diverse. I would jump on it if I were u.

Update: Was offered a 3rd engineer’s position on the Global Orion. Will be taking it as it is a foot in the door with training and DP experience. The pay isn’t to bad either, considering I used to work at a union company. Thank you all for the information and opinions.

I worked on the Orion. I still talk with a lot of the crew and like them a lot. It’s a good boat. All 220 volt.

Do they hire deck dept. or deck officers, too?

[QUOTE=“capitanahn;113626”]Do they hire deck dept. or deck officers, too?[/QUOTE]

Yes they do. The Orion has an American crew.