Looking for a better job

Hi guys I work for a fleet and started here green. Craziest part even tho I was green they still didn’t have enough deckhands to train me. I was pulling my own watches building tow without no guidance and just had to figure everything out on my own. That was 5 months ago and this company is still a joke. I am sitting on the boat right now and there’s literally just me and the captain on here. Looking for 14/7 or whatever hitch.

Everyone is hiring. Especially deckhands with experience.

You should not have difficulty finding a new boat.

Everyone is hiring but don’t be surprised if you end up in a similar situation. My company needs 10 deckhands, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but getting 10 to stick around and actually do the work and not quit after a hitch has been tough. We’ve been running short staffed for months now.

Have they tried raising their pay rates?

They have could be more but they have

My question is without divulging where you work (unless you feel so inclined) what area of the country are you working? What industry? Petroleum, bulk, dredging etc. where we are in. We York we pay too
Dollar to keep
People at my company but there are still outfits paying even more and people jump. Ironically they usually come back after only a few hitches.