Msc basic firefighting, freehold, nj

My company scheduled a few of us to take the Basic Firefighting Course at MSC tomorrow thru Friday. Has anyone taken this? What does it entail? Mostly classroom?
With that certificate alone is there an endorsement I can put on either my 100ton or QMED when I apply for them toward the end of this year?


Basic firefighting is part of the STCW 95 BST, I took mine at st Pete Fl firefighting academy, it was 1 day class & about a full day in the field.

I took that class not to long ago, honestly it was fun, they teach you types of fires and what creates them, what to avoid and how to react to different situation thats inside the class room. the next day is when we had to put on full gear how to use air tank, how to read them. 15 minutes of air on our tank well unless your a person that panicks goes out quicker. you also use the theories of what u learned the previous day like types of fires and use that extinguishers to put it out. last which on me who was out of shape 3 of us as a group had to go to a dark room, one whos leading the way had to touch the walls and find our way around the room and find a dummy 175 pounds and the last 2 had to drag it out. the first had to make sure NOT to let go of the wall no matter what and lead the way out. its like a scenario if you were in a room with dark smoke. good luck its was fun, makes me want to take advance fire fighting.