Firefighting course at MSC East Freehold next month?

Subguy here… update for everyone on my goal to get my mates license:
I’m taking the basic and adv firefighting courses at MSC East Training Center Freehold NJ next month. Anybody else going to be in school the first week of december?

Also, need some gouge:
- Where’s a good place to stay near there?
- What’s there to do in the area when not at school?
- What time do classes start and what’s the attire?

Thank you!

I can’t answer the first 2 questions, since I went on a bus from campus, but the attire is whatever keeps you comfortable - they provide all the firefighting outfits - boots, pants, jackets, hoods, helmets, gloves, etc. Basic is pretty simple - there’s more time in the classroom than during advanced. They’re good guys there and they’ll show you some interesting stuff. Oh, I think the class starts at 7:30 or 8.

Thanks for the info!

I went to a different school, but they were fanatics about not wearing polyester (they melt you know).
Really razed one guy for wearing a jogging suit made of it. We wore 100% cotton coveralls on the 2 days of dressing out. They even checked our socks.
Taking Firefighting in December is a good idea. Take lifeboatman in nice weather.
Good luck

I attended last year and stayed at some kind of navy lodge. Not sure if they are still open but they put you up in a 3 bedroom house for around $75/night which is actually cheaper than the motels. And it’s the closest lodging to the MSC training site. I believe it’s booked through the ITT office: (732) 866-2167 or they might have some CBQ rooms at this number (732) 866-2121. The ITT number is good, not sure about the other. I would also recommend wearing your steel toes, but don’t wear your khakis like this former LT did.

There’s some bars in Freehold which is just down the street, unfortunately atlantic city is a bit too far for a same night trip. However if you’re headed back to the hampton roads area then you can swing by atlantic city, and then take the Cape May Ferry back to the Eastern Shore. Hopefully this helps.

They wont let you train without your ANSI approved steel or composite toed boots, luckily APMC made sure we got those the day before leaving to the school.

ESG is right on. There are no Transient barracks per se at NWS Earle but they do use some housing in that capacity. There are some hotels to the west but NWSE is MUCH closer. Great restaurant just up the street on the left if you turn right out of MSCTFE.
Did mine in the winter too. Had to resked because pipes froze…