Advanced Firefighting Online Classes Availability


Does anyone know of any schools that offer Advanced Firefighting other than Northeast Maritime (NEMO)?



Online? How is it even possible?

No clue but it is. I called called NEMO to verify and they confirmed that it’s fully online.


Firefighting with VR headsets would be pretty cool.

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Just completed their re-validation online for my license renewal. To be honest, it ticked the box. I was not impressed the last time i renewed @ Mitags, felt more like I was in the beginner’s class again. It meets the requirements.

Many STCW advanced firefighting courses spend no time in a simulator. No SCBA time. It is more strategic thinking than tactical training. Case histories, etc.

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I ended up going to MPT last time mostly because they offer the BT revalidation and Advance Firefighting revalidation every week and it was easy enough to combine with a winter beach vacation.

As I recall, the live in person class at MPT was cheaper than the online revalidation at Northeast.

The MPT Advance Firefighting was taught by a retired Fort Lauderdale fireman. Good guy, but he had little ship specific knowledge.

Fort Lauderdale firemen also taught the basic firefighting portion of BT. It was in the 80’s that afternoon and we really felt the heat in our turnout gear waiting for our turn to fight the video screen fire and rescue the dummy out of a couple of “smoke” filled containers.

These revalidations would make sense if the USCG required a real week long course such as the Combined Basic and Advanced course fighting real fires, like the course I took at the MARAD School in Toledo (now closed) fighting real fires in a multilevel concrete and steel ship mockup.

I cannot understand why the USCG puts so much effort and money into approving and regulating these courses with very little actual value. Obviously, they are just paying lip service to STCW requirements. But if they are going to do it, why not do it right.

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It was my understanding that the video screen fire was only for use during COVID and at this point they’ve resumed going to an actual burn building.

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No sir, no change in that school’s training. I completed BT revalidation down there last month and it is the trailer behind the school with the video screen fire. Only reason i didn’t stay for the AFF reval was a scheduling conflict on my side. Again, it ticked the box.
Many years ago when MOC sent us all through Texas A&M we got solid training. The only other realistic class I’ve taken was Major Emergency Management, but that was classroom and simulator, putting the group through various stages of stress and leadership positions responding to multiple onboard issues.

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Well that’s disappointing.

While I consider MPT to be one of the best schools, they are a for profit school that’s in it primarily for the money.

Some of the best things about MPT:

The most frequent schedule of needed course that I’ve seen anywhere.

You can get a repeat student discount, or they may match a cheaper school’s price

The course cost is mid-range

Instructors are good.

Fort Lauderdale is a nice place to visit with a lot of cheap flights, don’t need a car, food is reasonably cheap, hotels are cheap off season, but even at peak season cheaper than the bayou. MPT has very cheap crew housing, if that suits you.

You meet some interesting people at MPT

I’ve found that the MPT courses are generally better and cheaper that at the Academies.

MPT has a bit of a British flavor to it. I like that. Some people don’t.

Generally for me, the most important thing is course schedule. When I have time to take a class, I want to get it done before I get called out to work.