Online classes since schools are closed

Since pretty much the entire country is shut down, I was wondering if anyone knew or heard of any online schools/classes that offer basic/advanced fire? I sent my application in for my test and I needed those (I have everything else required for my upgrade (DDE unlimited)) 2 classes before I test and now that everything is shut down and no expected date to start again. Any help or idea would be appreciated.

You have to demonstrate practical skills to get the cert. So I don’t think you’re going to find anything. The only exception was radar renewals could be done online through one of the mass testing centers.

MAMA has a slew of courses that have been approved for distance learning:

The lecture portion of the course will be completed online, with an approved instructor. Upon completion of the course you will have one year to complete the assessments, simulations, lab exercises and final exam(s) at Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy. This portion must be done in person.

This is a list of all the approved courses

if you search the document for “Online” you may find something or develop a comprehensive list of all the schools you could call and ask.

Some inspections are being done via Face Time. Maybe the USCG will allow us to set something on fire in the street and video chat with an instructor for the practical demonstration?


Check MAMA. They just put out a list.

The NMC is allowing schools to offer online classes, but you will be required to demonstrate practical and complete exams in person (which is the case now, with MAMA and others).

Check the school’s websites for updates, I know MITAGS-PMI is working on it

The issue is having to take the final exam in person. With travel restrictions and some schools even being closed down, it’s tough. The RECs are also closed. Why doesn’t the USCG allow for a training provider to use an online test proctoring outfit for academic testing? Plenty of reputable colleges give final exams this way.

They would, but I donm’t think any school has asked to do that. Probably because schools are unwilling to bear the cost of the proctoring service. The Coast Guard has approved remote proctoring, at locations and with proctors selected by the school. For example, at a local community college proctored by staff of the college. Another example is “DANTES” sites at military installations (for members of military). Schools aren’t required to give the live, proctored exam at their own facility. But, making individual arrangements for 3rd party testing is time consuming and costly, so again, some schools aren’t willing to bear the cost.