2022 Best Deal Revalidation Courses

What are the current “Best Buy’s” for BT (Basict Training) and Adv Firefighting REVALIDATION courses that are actually up and running?

I recently completed mine at Northeast Maritime. BT lectures and exams were were online, 1 day onsite in Mass for CPR and pool exercises, and the next day at CT Fire Academy by Hartford Airport. Advanced FF was 100% online, final part of the course was a phone conversation with an instructor.

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Delgado in Louisiana isn’t bad. Each was around $375 if I remember correctly.

What was the cost for the courses out the door?

Northeast Maritime Insitute


Adv. Fire Reval $475.

BT Refresh $725. ( I don’t see a Reval course on their website)



BT Reval (1 day) $499

Adv Fire. (1 day) $379.

Classes every week

As usual, it pretty hard to beat MPT



BT Reval. $345

Adv. Fire Reval $350