Renewal costs 2022

I am currently in the renewal process here is where it stands so far for cash layout:

new TWIC $125.25 plus transportation costs to get to Identigo
Medical exam $80
Basic Safety Revalidation at SUNY $670
Advanced Firefighting Revalidation at SUNY $545
USCG fees $95
Speed Camera in Bronx near SUNY $50

grand total so far $1565.25

Your mileage may vary if you get your training and medical exam elsewhere. If you are living check to check start saving up now. This will certainly go up.



you can do advanced firefighting revalidation/1 DAY COURSE

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How did you like the SUNY program? I have to renew this year and am in the same general area.

It was actually pretty painless. They were not total mask and Covid Nazis.

They run it basically the same as everyone else. Both classroom instructors at SUNY were actually mariners, which helps.The pool is right on the campus and everything is there already.

At Chesapeake they had us loading the van with the liferaft, suits and PFDs and then we traveled to the pool. Same with firefighting. At Chesapeake they used the local volley outfit’s facility so you practice putting out a fire in a building.

Suny uses Nassau County’s facility where they have a mock ship built. The training was realistic for the most part and the instructors were awesome including a few FDNY guys. If you live on the island, you can drive directly there. If you live in the other direction they provide a bus or a van.

Chesapeake is cheaper but you have to travel, and you have to pay lodging and board for a two day class. So SUNY was more economical for me.

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Thanks, unfortunately for me, I’m on for every scheduled class through my credential expiring. I appreciate your feedback though.

Has anyone renewed through MPT in Ft. Lauderdale the last few months? I know they have a pretty good reputation, I’d just like to hear from someone who has been through their program recently.

I’ll be there next week. Ask again next weekend.

I did the fullblown Refreshers at MPT back in May 2021. The Survival Craft as well. It was fine.

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There’s a bit of brain fog between me and my last renewal. How much did the “fullblown” entail back in May 2021? A week’s worth of classes at around $3000-ish? I’ve got a call into MPT already, I plan to finalize/book with them next week. Just trying to remember how involved this process is.

If you cannot show 365 days of seatime then you must take the “refresher” which is a longer class.
If you do you can take the “revalidation” which is a 1 or 2 day class.

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The cost is on the website. Like @silverbk said, without a year of seatime, you have to do the longer courses.