STCW Revalidation with Covid

What is the current USCG policy on revalidating BT and Advanced Firefighting ?

With the highly infection Omicron Variant spreading like wildfire I’m not really interested in traveling to a course, or wearing unsanitary gear, or rubbing elbows with a bunch of Covid spreading antivaxxers in the class.

I’m not really interested in paying a school $1000 for a phony “virtual” or “blended learning” course either.

Not sure what the current policies are, but a few co-workers of mine have recently had to do their revalidations the last couple weeks and its been business as usual according to them.

BT Reval doesn’t require Lecture or Exams- Just Practicals for BFF and PST… In other words Fire field and Pool- IF you have one year sea time in the last 5 years…

I just finished BST reval at SUNY and have AFF next week. Per SUNY policy everyone has to be jabbed, or if you claim religious exemption you have to bring a negative test less than 72 hours old.

There are two classroom lectures with a written exam for safety and basic firefighting where you will have to sit in he classroom, SUNY requires masks. At the fire field all instructors are required to be jabbed to work there.

The USCG policy is here:

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MITAGS in May was masked up in classroom and for the hands on masked up when not on SCBA.

Did the pool portion in house with the company and was masked up until entry into the pool and they only had one go into the raft at a time.

MITAGS current COVID policy

I recently did the Advanced Fire Reval fully online (with a practical scenario zoom call) through Northeast Maritime Institute and was pretty satisfied with the course content. I’ve donned enough SCBAs and squeezed off enough fire extinguishers to feel I didn’t need to fly across the country to do just that again with an in-person course.

For BT reval there’s no fully online option so I’ll be going to a 1-Day in-person course in a few weeks.

Don’t feel great about traveling right now, but I’m a slave to the license expiration deadline at this point.

MPT only required masks for unvaccinated students when I attended their revalidation courses recently.

The safest thing the USCG could do right now is extend AFF and BT for another year.