Firefighting at fletcher

I am sitting here in Houma, waiting to start my advanced fire fighting course tommorrow. It is a week long, What I was wondering is what I can expect? Is it all classroom or 50/50.

Its a pretty good class, 3 days in classroom one the field and one in the tug. I took it 3 weeks ago. Instructors from Houma FD rotate everyday and mix it up. They are all pretty cool. The paper test was cake, just make sure you look it over every night. Do not party on Wed nite or Thursday nite or you will pay. Have fun.

Skipperdaddy pretty much summed it up. The instructors are really cool. We had he Cayou Cane FD training when I took the class and the instructors kept talkin smack to them and sending us over to mess with them. Also there was an OIM in the class that was 400 pounds if he was an ounce. They had to have a fire suit custom made for the guy and on the first day in the firefield he had a mild heart attack. One of the funnest classes I took!